2nd International Workshop "Tailor-made Multiscale Materials Systems"

Hotel Hafen Hamburg
SFB 986 and ZHM

Hosted by the SFB 986, the Second International Workshop on Tailor-Made Multiscale Materials Systems will provide a forum for discussing oppor-tunities and challenges in materials design on mul-tiple discrete length scales and its link to materials behavior.

Significant steps forward have been made towards the end of the second 4-year funding period of the SFB 986. Join us for insights from internationally renowned scientists and reports on our research within the framework of the SFB 986. Our aim is to foster inspiring discussions and a vivid exchange of ideas in the heart of Hamburg.

During two and a half days, oral presentations and a poster session will put the SFB 986 results into context of the state of the art in materials science. For a change of perspective, we will embark to-gether on a boat tour of the port as part of one of the two conference dinners.


Coordinator of the SFB 986