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CAMD Summer School – experience report

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Photo: pixabay

From August 12th to 17th the 2018 CAMD Summer School on Electronic Structure Theory and Materials Design took place in Helsingør, just north of Copenhagen.

Aside from a beautiful venue located at the sea, well-known researchers with different backgrounds in the field of atomic-scale modeling made the summer school to an instructive and educational week with high-quality lectures. In addition, afternoon computer exercises gave space to learn new methods and apply them directly on a given problem.

However, there were also social activities. A poster session encouraged scientific exchange and helped to bond with other PhD students from over 35 different nations. Additionally, an excursion to Kronborg Castle followed by a visit in the maritime museum allowed to experience a little bit of Danish culture.

The combination of high-quality content with the expertise of fellow researchers from all over the world made the CAMD Summer School a huge success which only leaves one question open - when can I sign up for the 2020 CAMD Summer School?

Text by Tim Würger, PhD candidate