The Graduate School for Materials Science offers additional workshops in cooperation with the Graduate Academy for Technology and Innovation at TUHH and the training programme at HZG to strengthen the key competences of the young scientists. The topics comply with the needs of the PhD candidates according to the respective stage of their PhD studies. Therefore, the members of the Graduate School for Materials Science may hand in suggestions for workshop topics.

Additionally to the strengthening of key competences, the workshops also support the networking and continuous exchange between the participants.

Workshop on Design of Experiments

Workshop Zhm Design-experiments Tulimat

Participants of the Workshop on “Design of Experiments” January 2018. Photo: TUHH/L.Tulimat

From 22 to 23 January, and from 24 to 25 January 2018 as well, the workshop „Design of Experiments“ was offered to the doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers of the ZHM Graduate School for Materials Science and of the SFB 986 Integrated Research Training Group (MGK). With the aid of the trainer Dr. Theo Wember the participants had the opportunity to strengthen their skills in planning of experiments by focusing on the statistical experimental design, which is a strategic tool for the development and optimization of processes. Furthermore, a clear strategy for the use of design of experiments through good application examples from a practical point of view is given during the workshop.