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ZHM at the Hamburg Innovation Summit (HHIS)

Hhis 22

The joint booth of CIMMS and ZHM represented by TUHH, Hereon and Desy institutes. Photo: TUHH/D.Gibhardt

The ZHM and the CIMMS present themselves to a broad audience at the HHIS 2022.

At this year's Hamburg Innovation Summit (HHIS), the ZHM in cooperation with the CIMMS has organized a booth to represent materials science in Northern Germany. With contributions from the TUHH institutes "Advanced Ceramics", "Technical Biocatalysis", "Polymers and Composites" and "Materials and X-Ray Physics", the staff gave the audience exciting insights into current materials science topics. In addition to live demonstrations, a number of exhibits were used to show how the leap from idea and laboratory experiment to product can be achieved. Prof. Patrick Huber and Prof. Kaline Furlan also focused on the importance of new materials and materials science during the panel discussion "The View into Science". During the all-day event in Hamburg's Fischauktionshallen, many new contacts from industry, research and politics were made and the visibility of the ZHM was increased.