Aluminium alloys for laser additive production / ALaF

The ZIM cooperation project ALaF is developing new high-tech aluminium alloys for powder-based laser additive processes. The high-tech aluminium alloys to be developed should have good processability with powder-based laser additive processes, high specific strength and good corrosion resistance. The newly developed alloys will differ from the currently used standard AlSi alloys in particular in terms of higher strength and elongation at break. For this purpose, cost-intensive alloying elements such as scandium are to be avoided in the alloy composition. The powder is produced by a suitable powder atomization process. The materials are to be further optimized by the subsequent characterization of the powder properties and testing on two different powder-based laser additive manufacturing processes, selective laser melting and laser deposition welding. The optimization is to be carried out in conjunction with the manufacturing process.