ZHM Foto Beirat 2018

3rd meeting of the scientific advisory board on 06.02.2018. Foto: TUHH-Foto AG


Steering Committee

Members of the steering committee are qua office the president of the TUHH as well as the scientific-technical director of the Hereon. The vice president of the TUHH and the scientific-technical general manager of the Hereon may represent them.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is composed of professors of the TUHH and the HZG on a basis of parity:

  • Prof. Norbert Huber Head of Institute of Materials Mechanics, Hereon
    Professor at the Institute of Materials Physics and Technology, TUHH
    Vice spokesman of the SFB 986
  • Prof. Gerold Schneider Head of the Institute of Advanced Ceramics, TUHH
    Spokesman of the SFB 986
  • Prof. Thomas Klassen Head of Institute of Hydrogen Technology, Hereon
    Institut of Materials Technology, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität
  • Prof. Bodo Fiedler Head of Institute of Polymer Composites, TUHH

Scientific Advisory Board

Members of the scientific advisory board are renowned personalities in the fields of materials science and engineering:


Dr. sc. ETH Sophia Bührig
Dr. sc. ETH Sophia BührigCoordinator of the ZHMHZG / Materials MechanicsFon: +49 1511 2330240E-mail contact
Stephanie Koch
Stephanie KochHereon / Materials MechanicsFon: +49 4152 87-2501E-mail contact